Benefits of Female Masturbation

Ladies, Here’s Why Masturbation Is Actually Good For You!

“We have the right to our own bodies,” said feminist Shere Hite, talking about the fact that even in the late seventies, female masturbation was looked down upon as unnatural and perverted. Most religions condemn female pleasure as morally impaired, while even noted psychologists like Sigmund Freud classed female masturbation as an infantile activity.

Masturbation and female orgasms are, in fact, so vilified in society that it is important to stress  why they are actually good for you! But here are some reasons why you should masturbate, even though patriarchy has taught us otherwise:

1. Relieves Stressvibrator masturbation

Just like sex, masturbation is also a great way to release tension and stress after a long day.

2. Helps With Insomnia

The release of the oxytocin hormone in the body after climaxing helps you sleep like a baby.

3. Cervical Health

Links have been found between regular masturbation and improved cervical health. Some studies have linked decreased risks of cervical cancer associated with increased masturbation.

4. Makes You Happier!

Masturbation releases feel-good hormones – dopamine and epinephrine – that make you feel better instantly! It is a natural mood enhancer.

5. Releases Sexual Tension

So what if you’re not getting any action? Masturbation is a great way to release sexual tension on your own.

6. A Healthy Heart

Studies have also shown that female masturbation improves your heart’s health! So keep yourself guarded from the number one killer in women – heart disease!

7. It’s Empowering

Being in control of your own body and your own pleasure can be an incredibly empowering experience.

8. It’s Exercise…

…for your vagina! If you work on every other part of your body, why not your vagina too? Masturbation acts like a workout for your vagina and strengthens your uterine and vaginal muscles.

9. Lower Chances Of A UTI

Urinary Tract Infections are annoying and painful. Masturbation helps flush out bacteria from the cervix, improving cervical health and lowering the risk of catching UTIs.

10. Mental Health

Not only does masturbation relieve stress, but some studies also suggest that it can even prevent the onset of depression! We think this is an important benefit, considering that women are twice as likely to have depression as men.

11. Improves Body Image

Masturbation makes you more comfortable with your own body, which is very important for a positive body image.

12. No Drawbacks

There are literally NO known drawbacks or negative effects of masturbation – only positive ones! Could there BE a more fun way to stay healthy?

13. Sexual Response Therapy

The very influential work of the renowned sex therapist and educator, Helen Singer Kaplan, M.D., Ph.D., suggested the use of vibrators in the treatment of non-orgasmic females. In her book, The New Sex Therapy : Active Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction, Dr. Kaplan notes several ways in which masturbation with vibrators may be used as an aid in the treatment of orgasmic dysfunction…. She suggests that for those women who have never had an orgasm (primary absolute orgasmic dysfunction), should manual masturbation not be sufficient to reach orgasm, then a vibrator is indicated.
“The vibrator provides the strongest, most intense stimulation known.” (p. 388)